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Regulations and transparency requirements are more rigorous today than ever before. Oxer has mastered regulatory requirements across a broad spectrum of sectors from finance to healthcare. We understand compliance in the context of each industry and address it with the latest technology. Whether the issue is Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Medicare Part D, the Retiree Drug Subsidy or something else entirely, our consultants will help you establish the practices and infrastructure to meet the mandate.

CIO Outsourcing

Could an "outsourced CIO" be right for you? Many firms use this model now to gain high-level expertise and strategic counsel within a limited budget. As your CIO on demand, Oxer experts will put their deep experience and knowledge of best practices at your service: from top-level IT strategy, to tactical issues of guidance and planning for IT spending, to actual technology purchases. You'll have the talent of a veteran CIO without the in-house expense.

Risk Management

Today's risks come from every angle. Legal liabilities, credit problems, accidents, malicious attacks, technology failures, and human error all take their toll. For nearly two decades, Oxer has helped customers from all types of industries understand and mitigate business risk. Our expert team can help you identify, assess and prioritize the risks to your business with a complete picture of your threat landscape — and apply appropriate resources to address each issue.


Oxer helps companies of all sizes and all industries use technology to make their businesses run better. First, we listen: our meticulous engagement process begins with a thorough system review and needs analysis, so we can understand your unique requirements. That helps us make truly informed recommendations and line up priorities within your budget. Our team draws on years of high-level technical expertise to help you develop a cohesive, long-term technology strategy that will raise profitability and lower operating costs. We'll help you use the most up-to-date technologies, as well as advances in social media and digital marketing, to boost revenue, outwit the competition and take your business to the next level.


Finding and recruiting key talent can be costly and time-consuming. Oxer’s sister company, The Oxer Group, is an IT recruitment and placement agency that understands what it takes to put a premium IT staff in place. Our innovative staffing solutions will bolster your existing resources strategically for the short or long run. Let us do the legwork of finding talented new employees for your business — or take advantage of our resource pool without incurring the overhead of in-house headcount.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster happens, you need experience most of all. Oxer has handled disasters ranging from fires to hurricanes to disgruntled employees with malicious intent. We'll help you set up policies and practices to prepare for — and recover from — disasters with both natural and human causes. Our team is proactive and analytical; we've helped businesses of all sizes maintain operations during the most trying of times, and we'll help your organization do the same.

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