Database Programming

Your business data can drive positive results or be a drag on your organizations productivity. Harnessed efficiently, your company's data can send performance to new heights with real insights and smarter processes. But left unmanaged, data can overwhelm your organization and smother your operations. Oxer’s seasoned database professionals and software engineers know how to avoid classic data management issues as well as modern pitfalls: programming new databases to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems is one of our core competencies. We've built custom database software for clients across industries like financial services, banking, legal, real estate, healthcare and high technology. Oxer's data team works with many databases, including:

Database Administration

To maintain peak performance, large databases demand constant monitoring and tuning — a time-consuming task that can put a considerable burden on already-stretched IT resources. (Sound familiar?) Outsource your database administration to Oxer’s team of experts, and we'll keep your systems up and running and your critical business processes flowing. Our database professionals can take over everyday tasks like backups, tuning, indexing, disaster recovery prep, user maintenance and security audits — freeing your in-house resources to focus on the projects that add greater value to your business.

Database Design

Oxer’s database experts will help you architect a powerful, scalable database system that supports your critical data and workflows from the ground up. Our custom databases help clients in industries from healthcare to finance take control of key information and build better processes. Drawing on years of in-depth experience with data management best practices, we follow a meticulous needs-assessment process to create a solution that meets your unique requirements. Our stringent quality standards ensure that your solution will work for you today and into the future.

Performance Tuning

Like high-performance engines, databases need frequent tuning to run at peak efficiency. While most are designed to manage systems resources in a basic sense, many databases have a great deal of room to improve performance through custom settings and system configurations. Oxer’s database tuning experts can troubleshoot performance issues and make sure that your system resources are in top shape, so you get more from your data and your business processes.

Best Practices

Oxer's experts have spent years working with and learning from top performers in sectors like financial services, banking, real estate, health care, legal and high tech. We'll start with a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of your business, then make informed recommendations for the best practices that will keep you in line with leading companies in your space. We can make sure that your hardware, SAN, servers and security are properly set up; that backups are being carried out correctly; that your systems are prepared for disaster recovery; and much more. Tap into our repository of best practices and feel sure that your systems are delivering the fastest performance, smoothest integration and highest usability in the industry.

Big Data & Analytics

Welcome to the future. The latest advances in big data and analytics are helping businesses tap the power of information like never before. Oxer can help you capture all your vital business data and analyze it to learn more about your customer base, identify new opportunities and boost your revenue. Our customers use advanced analytics and reporting to visualize data and spot trends across industries like these:

  • Retail
  • Real estate
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy & Utilities


As companies turn to virtualized technologies in the hopes of realizing increased flexibility, scalability, resource efficiency, and cost savings, many are learning that virtualized databases present unique challenges, particularly from a performance standpoint. Let Oxer familiarize you with these technologies and understand the nuances of database virtualization. Taking advantage of our core competency in the data management space, we can help you address the challenges of your virtualized environment today — and establish a platform that can scale with you as data volumes and formats expand tomorrow.

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