Software Development

Whether you’re a publicly traded corporation or a startup with limitless potential, Oxer can create a custom solution to help your business run better. Our programmers will study your organization, talk with your people, and build software to fit your precise needs. Oxer can customize pre-existing applications or build specialized software to automate and accelerate your key business processes. We work with technologies like these:

JavaScript / Node
Microsoft (.NET, C#, VBA)
Scripting (Bash, PowerShell)
CMS (WordPress, Drupal)
Serverless (AWS Lambda)
API design and implementation
Microsoft Office Customizations
Project takeover and remediation
Audit and advisory services


Your business data can drive positive results or be a drag on your organizations productivity. Harnessed efficiently, your company’s data can send performance to new heights with real insights and smarter processes. But left unmanaged, data can overwhelm your organization and smother your operations. Oxer’s seasoned database professionals and software engineers know how to avoid classic data management issues as well as modern pitfalls: programming new databases to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems is one of our core competencies. We’ve built custom database software for clients across industries like financial services, banking, legal, real estate, healthcare and high technology.

SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle
DynamoDB, MongoDb
ElasticSearch, Redis
Microsoft Access
Database performance tuning and optimization
Database administration (DBA)

Cloud Native

Oxer programs Cloud Native apps to take advantage of the scale, resiliency and redundancy that the cloud provides.  Cloud Native apps are able to scale up and down according to user demand, truly allowing you to only pay for the cloud services that you use.  We are experts at programming event driven applications using AWS Lambda as the backbone technology. Cloud service providers such as AWS and Azure can enable your application to take advantage of advanced services such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IOT), Data Warehousing and analytics for minimal monthly fees.

AWS, Azure, GCP
AWS Lambda
Web application programming & hosting
Custom API’s
Instant Messaging
Social Networking
Large scale data analysis

Business Software & Support

Is your current IT service provider able to support your critical business software?  Does your company rely on one employee to maintain your most important business systems?  Oxer can advise, support, maintain and document your organization’s critical line of business software.  Whether your software is common best-in-class industry operating systems such as Yardi or MRI, or whether you company uses a custom hybrid solution, Oxer can keep your software running.

Accounting systems
Property management systems
Fabric and textile operating systems
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Document & Knowledge Management
Energy and Financial Reporting

Data Analytics

Oxer can help you design, implement, and manage your data analytics need.  From data transformation to data storage to big data analytics using business intelligence and machine learning, Oxer can implement a secure system that allows you to get answers from your business data.  We have experience designing analytic systems of all sizes that adhere your corporate and industry governance best practices.

Data Lake design and implementation
Data Warehousing
Report writing, visualizations and dashboards
Data governance planning and implementation
Python programming
Data movement and transformation design
Machine learning and model design