Build IT right the first time

More and more businesses are moving their onsite computer systems to the cloud. The reliability of the cloud can help any organization become more agile, productive, and location-independent. But when your resources are everywhere, problems can arise anywhere in the world, especially if your cloud infrastructure isn’t set up to fit your needs. With experience in establishing and maintaining cloud solutions, Oxer can make sure that yours is secure, reliable, and scalable.

Office 365

Oxer’s IT professionals do what your staff lacks the time or expertise to do. Our team troubleshoots day-to-day computer issues and solves your technical problems with guaranteed support times, a single point of contact and full accountability. Use us to augment your in-house resources or outsource your tech support and helpdesk entirely. Either way, Oxer’s flexible service solutions keep your business operating smoothly so your employees can do the jobs they were hired to do in the first place.

Outsourced IT department
Computer helpdesk
Expert troubleshooting
PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, mobile support
Mobile device management
Resolving network and server issues
Microsoft Office
Digital Security

Oxer’s professionals have the deep expertise needed to tackle the challenges of multi-office and multinational networks and server systems. Smaller systems, too: we’ve helped clients of all sizes and all industries plan and build strategic system architectures that minimize IT spend as they maximize business results. We’ll help you design a technology foundation that supports your business needs today — and scales to meet them tomorrow.

Servers (Microsoft Windows Server, Linux)
Hybrid-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, Office 365)
Database servers (SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle)
Email servers (Microsoft Exchange)
Webservers (NGINX, Apache, IIS)
Virtualization (VMWare, Hyper-V)
Network (Cisco, Juniper, Aruba)

Work from anywhere.  Work from home.  Work from the office.  The modern workplace has changed.  As your businesses physically reduces its office footprint, you still want your teams to collaborate seamlessly and securely.  Oxer can set up and maintain your corporate computing resources in the cloud.  From file storage to phone systems, allow your employees work from anywhere while increasing productivity.

Office 365
Google Workspace
Single Sign-on
Remote working
Collaboration software
SaaS applications and integrations
Data security

Oxer can help your organization protect its data and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Using prescriptive guidelines published by organizations such as The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and MITRE, Oxer can advise, design, and implement a comprehensive program that meets your business, regulatory and clients’ needs.

Security policies & implementation
Cloud security and compliance
Network security
Physical security and monitoring systems
Engineering services: firewalls, intrusion detection, XDR, EDR, SIEM, Analytics and monitoring
Forensic preparation
Audit preparation

Implementing an effective and secure back-up and recovery plan is critical to your organization’s long-term success.  Working with Oxer’s CIO advisory team, Oxer can help you satisfy regulatory requirements, client requirements, and your own policy objectives to ensure that your company continues to function smoothly when unforeseen circumstances interrupt business operations.  Oxer can work with your team to develop a strategy to safeguard your data.  In addition, Oxer has extensive experience implementing continuity plans during actual pandemics, fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, floods and data breeches.

Data backup plans including databases and files
Recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives
Business continuity planning and testing
Policy development
Cloud backup
Physical media backup